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Vacancy: Manager, Continous Improvement- Food, Richmond, BC, Canada

Vacancy: Manager, Continous Improvement- Food, Richmond, BC, Canada
Posted on: Aug.26.2021

Critical Outcomes From The Role

Drives Continuous Improvement to quantitatively and qualitatively to deliver excellent results:

-Helps set and track KPI’s which support company objectives.
-Develop plant specific CI plans.
-Coaches, trains, and educates the operations in pulling the best lean tools to help meet our business and operations KPIs.
-Develops and supports plant-based CI experts to sustain improvements

Deliver sustainable cultural and behavioral changes across operations by:

-Building an Operational Excellence and Lean and CI culture and support systems, through coaching, mentoring, and influencing team members, business team leaders, and local CI specialists.
-Act as a catalyst for building organizational effectiveness within the business
-Working with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders to evaluate and streamline key business processes

A commendable reputation of Nature’s Path in the business community and public by:

-Respectfully and capably representing the best interests of Nature’s Path in all internal and external dealings
-Requiring the same standards from all staff in their internal and external dealings.
-Ensuring a positive and productive work environment that will attract and retain high caliber, motivated employees
-Motivating, guiding and directing all staff to contribute to their maximum to the realization of Nature’s Path Foods’ goals and objectives.


-BA in Management, Engineering, Food Science.
-MBA preferred.
-Additional education or Certifications in Continuous Improvement Methodologies.


Experience in the food industry is desirable.
-5 years’ experience within manufacturing environments with exposure to continuous improvement tools
-Able to identify opportunities and exhibit high energy and a willingness to be involved.
-Willing to complete training necessary to support the company CI initiatives.


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