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Vacancy: Quality Assurance Analyst, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vacancy: Quality Assurance Analyst, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Posted on: Aug.27.2021

We are looking for self-driven, professional and dedicated Quality Assurance Analyst to join our advanced Customer Due Diligence Team. Become a part of one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands, on the eve of European expansion.

Full-time ยท Amsterdam

About Bitvavo

In 2018, Bitvavo launched the first version of its digital assets trading platform, to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets. By offering transparent fees, a wide range of assets and an easy to use platform, Bitvavo is making the currency of the future accessible for everyone.

In three years time, Bitvavo has established itself as the market leader in the Benelux, with 1MIO+ users exchanging over billion euros worth of digital assets a month.

Our team, located in Amsterdam, is looking for self-driven, talented people who can help us with making digital assets available for everyone. Become a part of one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands, on the eve of European expansion.

Your opportunity

As a digital asset provider, Bitvavo has a responsibility to protect its clients against malicious actors, prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. As a firm offering services for the exchange between digital assets and regular money, we are subject to European anti-money-laundering laws and regulations and are supervised by the Dutch Central Bank. It is important to ensure that we comply with licensing requirements, internal policies and other prevailing laws. And that's where you come into play.

As a Quality Assurance Analyst

you will be joining the advanced customer due diligence team that is responsible for performing the more advanced customer due diligence tasks including:
-Perform enhanced customer due diligence on high risk clients;
-Perform ongoing customer due diligence and improve this process continuously;
-Perform transaction monitoring and improve our transaction monitoring system;
-Process information requests and fraud notifications of other financial institutions and/or investigation authorities;
-Perform event driven reviews on the signals received;
-Submit notifications to the Financial Intelligence Unit;
This team is between Bitvavo's first line of defense (the onboarding team) and Bitvavo's second line of defense (the Compliance and Risk department).

You will face multiple challenges as the regulatory and technological landscape is still in development and will keep developing in the foreseeable future. As the digital asset market is developing quickly, so does the regulatory landscape. It is key to comply with all regulations and best practices and by joining our compliance team, you will play an essential role in ensuring this happens.

The team

The team currently consist out of 6 professionals (i.e. 2 CDD analyst, 2 AML Signal Analysts, 1 Quality Assurance Analyst all having 2 -4 years experience and 1 CDD/AML Team Lead having 6 - 8 years experience). We aim to grow the team to 10 professionals during 2021.

What you'll be doing

Within the advanced customer due diligence team you will be mainly focussed on:
-Checking the correctness and completeness of the processed alerts by the team;
-Give advice and feedback to both the analysts and the responsible team leader to raise the level of standard;
-Develop a risk based approach to a second pair of eyes check that tackles any risks that might be left unseen by CDD analysts;
-Identify trends and provide input on how relevant processes or process descriptions could be improved;
-Stimulate the expertise of your colleagues by providing input on future training courses and always sharing relevant information with the team;

What you have:

-You are fluent in both Dutch and English (written and spoken);
-Advanced degree in (preferably) law or a comparable study;
-4+ years of working experience in CDD & AML and preferable 1 or 2 years as (Senior) Q&A Analyst;
-Experience gained in company regulated by the Dutch Central Bank such as a fintech company, financial company or payment company;
-A completed specialised study in the area of compliance or integrity (for example via the Dutch Compliance Institute or the NIBE-SVV) is a strong plus;

What do we offer

-Excellent employment terms, including a very competitive salary;
-A position in a unique, young and fast growing fintech company;
-Working in the city centre of Amsterdam;
-Daily lunches;
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by mail at


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