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Vacancy: Project Environmental Coordinator,Alberta, Canada

Vacancy: Project Environmental Coordinator,Alberta, Canada
Posted on: Sep.01.2021


Surerus Murphy JV is searching for a Project Procurement Administrator to join our team on the Edson Mainline loop No.4 Elk River spread. It involves the construction of approximately 40 km of NPS 48 pipeline which is in Yellowhead and Clearwater county, Alberta, approximately 115 km southeast of Hinton. The project will be based out of Drayton Valley, Alberta.

The Environmental Coordinator is responsible for providing environmental support and advice to the project team.


• Provide professional advice on construction environmental issues.
• Respond to queries and correspondence on environmental issues.
• Identify significant environmental impacts for projects and provide input on the set-up of site yards, including necessary controls.
• Report environmental incidents as per the Environmental Reporting Procedure.
• Log and monitor environmental incidents, spills and non-conformances.
• Attend daily foremen’s meetings.
• Provide an on-site presence and attend site-specific meetings with owner company representatives.
• Disseminate information issued by the environmental supervision to relevant personnel.
• Identify and develop site specific environmental mitigations.
• Develop site-specific plans as required, to ensure applicable environmental compliance.
• Monitor project works to ensure compliance with permits, regulations and environmental plans.
• Carry out collection, storage and analysis of environmental data.
• Liaise with owner representatives and regulators (with owner permission) on environmental issues.
• Identify personnel that require environmental training and provide training.
• Produce Project Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and send to the Environmental Lead/Supervisor for review.
• Ensure compliance with the Site Waste Management Plan and help complete manifest documentation closure.
• Undertake project environmental inspections to ensure controls are in place and working.
• Report environmental inspections to the Environmental Lead.
• Monitor progress in closing out Corrective Action Requests (CARs) and Observations raised during company or owner audits.
• Provide a knowledgeable and professional service to both internal and external clients.
• Assist in developing a team atmosphere between the Company and owner environmental personnel.
• Assist in ensuring the successful completion of environmental components of the Project Turnover Package.
Note: In addition to these duties personnel are required to carry out such other duties as may be reasonably required in order to support the objectives of the Company.


-Diploma or degree in an environmental related field and/or combination of education and relevant experience.
-Professional designation is considered an asset.


-6-8 years of experience as an Environmental Coordinator or in a similar position.
-Experience with spill clean-up, contaminated sites, regulatory permitting and reporting is considered an asset.

Skills and Knowledge

-Understanding of the oil and gas pipeline construction industry.
-Understanding of environmental management theories, methodologies and industry practices.


This position is field based, located south west of Drayton Valley, AB. The project is LOA eligible. Shift is 6 days on 1 day off, with 12 hour shifts for the duration of the project.


The Environmental Coordinator reports to the Environmental Lead. The Environmental Coordinator has no supervisory duties. The Environmental Coordinator may be required to act as the designated contact on environmental matters.


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