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Vacancy: SSHE Manager, St. John s, NL, Canada

Vacancy: SSHE Manager, St. John s, NL, Canada
Posted on: Sep.10.2021

St. John's, NL

A Major Oil and Gas Company


Pos ID:

Philip Harrington

Key Tasks, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

-Participate in the planning and execution of offshore exploration programs for Client (Drilling,
Environmental Surveys, well site survey, support)
- Responsible for SSHE and regulatory deliverables including but not limited to preparation of documentation, regulatory
reports, SSHE plans and metrics for offshore programs
- Responsible for developing a regulatory compliance program, including oversight of periodic offshore verification that
all conditions are being met
- Establish and coordinate SSHE programs and inspection programs, including offshore Contractor Safety Management
- Provide expert SSHE knowledge and facilitate process for obtaining Operations Authorizations or other regulatory
Authorizations as applicable
- Provide supervisory oversight to SSHE exploration team including technical and strategic guidance (if applicable)
- Represent Client to external agencies
- Provide backfill support for Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy Supervisor as requested
- Responsible for regulatory documentation closeout following rig demobilization

Experience, Knowledge, Skill Set and Competency Requirements:

- Advanced knowledge of safety, health & environment procedures regulatory requirements for exploration and offshore
- Advanced knowledge of Environmental Assessments requirements, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada and
Canadian offshore regulations
- Ability to travel offshore (valid CAPP medical certificate and Basic Survival Training) preferred
- Strong communications skills, written and verbal
- Prior experience in execution of SSHE Exploration programs required
- Minimum 10-20 years’ experience in oil and gas; preferably in exploration and rig intake processes
- Strong leadership skills required


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