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Vacancy: Clinical Change Transformation Manager- NHS, London, UK

Vacancy: Clinical Change Transformation Manager- NHS, London, UK
Posted on: Sep.11.2021

Ref: BBBH3758
Location: LONDON
Salary: £450 - £500 PER DAY

Job purpose

We are looking for experienced Implementation Managers with a commitment to and passion for improving services and outcomes for patients and their families. These roles require individuals with exceptional leadership skills, an extensive understanding of transformation and significant experience of delivery of complex transformation programmes. These roles will be embedded within a Clinical Network working across hospitals and the Clinicial Transformation Programmes. The role will involve bringing a single speciality view of the different transformation initivates. Individuals will be responsible for development and leadership of multifactorial programmes of work in a dynamic and complex environment including responsibility for delivery of business and capital cases. Postholders will also manage and organize resources allocated to the programme as required and in line with agreed budgets. The ability to effectively network and manage stakeholders across functions, organisations and on multiple-sites will be critical to success.

Applicants must have wide-ranging experience, at a senior level, ideally on comparable programmes within the NHS, Civil Service, business or consultancy/ advisory services and must have demonstrable and extensive understanding of transformation and delivery of strategic change initiatives within the Public Sector, including development of major business cases.


• Fulfil an ambassadorial role day-to-day for the Programme and Clinical Network both internally within the Group and externally as required
• Demonstrate well-developed influencing and relationship management skills necessary for working effectively with internal and external stakeholders/partners across the entire system
• Identify and engage in policy areas and topical issues that could progress projects/ programmes
• Ensure that the wider NHS policy context and related issues impacting health are reflected in the work of the Programme
• Give Programme staff and other direct reports in the Clinical Boards autonomy and confidence to perform well and to realise their potential

• Lead on the monitoring and management of the speciality implementation plan, contributing a sense of pace and challenge to the delivery of projects so that they deliver improvement benefits to the Trust on an ambitious but realistic timescale
• Ensure full compliance with the Trust's Assurance Framework and any related standards including assurance on all corporate and clinical risks
• Work with the Medical and Nursing Directors and Clinical Leads to secure clinical engagement in the performance improvements and service developments outlined within the speciality implementation Promote innovation and Quality Improvement to ensure best practice services for patients and positive working experience for staff

The role is a mixture of remote and office based with travel to local sites.


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