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Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Specialist, Varennes, QC, Canada

Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Specialist, Varennes, QC, Canada
Posted on: Sep.10.2021

We are the Canadian leader in telescopic forklifts and are experiencing a significant national expansion. Working at Manulift means joining a team of enthusiasts and seeing that your daily actions have a direct impact on the success of the company. We are known for providing innovative solutions that optimize the productivity and profitability of local businesses.

Based at our Varennes or St-Augustin-de-Desmaures branch and reporting to the VP of operations, the Continuous Improvement Specialist helps make the organization more efficient and productive by targeting, capturing, and sharing the processes that will provide added value. His customers are Manulift technicians (workshop and road), dealers, rental centres, service centers, used resellers, and multi-unit users. The performance of this department will be measured by faster repair times, better machine reliability, and better customer satisfaction.

Main responsibilities:

• Target opportunities for improvement or innovation according to the potential gain;
• Structure and implement a training plan, processes, and procedures;
• Create a mechanical and general diagnostics knowledge base;
• Gather information and stay updated in relevant areas of expertise and new technologies available;
• Capture the issues or customer experiences via complaints or satisfaction calls;
• Ensure a daily presence on the field to understand, in detail, how things are going;
• Manage, simultaneously, several continuous improvement projects using recognized methods;
• Propose and share performance indicators;
• Establish a priority management system;
• Prepare dashboards, portals, reports, or other methods necessary to validate the break-even point;
• Promote a culture of continuous improvement across the company (standardization);
• Create standardized LMS capsules (good and bad moves);
• Propose specific objectives for each position in the company with incentives on the objectives to achieve;
• Set up structured Kaizen activities in the form of games and challenges in all departments.

Experience & desired skills:

• Certification / black belt in continuous improvement (Kaizen, Lean, 6sigma);
• Experience in project management (PMI);
• 3 to 4 years in industrial engineering, mechanical, or electrical engineering would be an added value;
• Experience in developing training courses and various online platforms;
• Accounting experience or an interest/ease with numbers and financial statements;
• Perfectly bilingual: French and English both orally and written;
• Organizational skills and excellent time management;
• Available to travel 2 to 3 days every 2 weeks between our branches (Mtl / Qc).

Why Manulift?

• A solid industry, operating in several growing markets;
• Virtual Medical Services 24/7 (EQ Care), group insurance and RRSP;
• Flexible hours and days of personal leave;
• Corporate clothing (winter coat, jacket, shirts, etc.);
• Membership credit for a gym or a physical activity;
• Generous referral bonuses (between $ 1,500 and $ 5,000 depending on the position);
• Free parking;
• Career advancement opportunities across Canada.


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