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Vacancy: Business Change Manager - Catering, London, UK

Vacancy: Business Change Manager - Catering, London, UK

Number of jobs available: 1
Band / Grade: HL7
Post Type: External
Working Pattern: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed Term
Salary: £38,625
Leave entitlement: Starting at 30 days per annum
Pension: Civil Service Pension Scheme
Closing Date: 27/09/2021, 12:00
Interview dates: Interviews will be confirmed in due course.


Catering Services within both the House of Lords and the House of Commons are committed to improve their efficiency and service by fully exploiting ICT based benefits to be developed for several key support services.

The Catering 2020 Project was kicked off in 2015 to ensure that both of Parliament’s catering divisions were supported by a market leading ICT service. This consisted of three major catering ICT systems; electronic point of sale (EPOS); events management; stock control & purchasing. These systems are now reaching the end of their life and are due to be reviewed in 2020 and 2021.

The Catering Systems Project was started in 2020 to replace the Catering 2020 project. The aim is to ensure that these 3 key systems, along with 5 other catering ICT systems are all reviewed prior to the contracts reaching end of life in November 2022.

The Business Change Manager will play an important role within the wider project team, ensuring that the project’s aims are delivered for both Houses, including the various cultural, operational and financial benefits required.

The Role

To ensure the interests of the Senior Responsible Owners (SRO’s) are met and to provide assurance that the new capability will fully realize the variety of benefits within the timescale and budget whilst maintaining operational viability throughout

The Person

The successful candidate will have the following skills/experience:
• Business Critical Change Projects - Significant and recent experience of leading business critical change projects within a complex organization.
• Understanding of Change - Clear understanding of the barriers and levers for changes and behavioural challenges and motivation for change – as individuals and as part of a group/team.
• Project Management - Project management experience and the ability to build effective key stakeholder relationships.

More information

For more information download Business Change Manager - Catering - JD July 2021.pdf – 169KB


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