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Vacancy: Senior Control Engineer - Siemens Energy, Dubai, UAE

Vacancy: Senior Control Engineer - Siemens Energy, Dubai, UAE
Posted on: Sep.14.2021
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Family: Customer Services
Req. ID: 227552

What is the role?

• Controls lead engineer on Gas compressors
• Strong rotating equipment knowledge, with hands-on knowledge of control systems related to gas compressors
• Strong knowledge of gas compressor processes

Can demonstrate experience on the below equipment and processes:

• Centrifugal compressors
• Gear Type compressors
• DGS systems
• Wet seal systems
• Lube oil systems
• Compressor drivers
• Gearboxes
• Surge mapping
• Experience on the following control systems will be an advantage Triconex, Allen Bradley, DR HMI, CCC, S7, PCS7, SCAUT

What are my responsibilities?

• Performs complex, specialized tasks on gas compression equipment during new installation and service
• Repair or work on modification projects in accordance with Siemens work procedures
• Completes documents of all installations, inspections, maintenance repair work and failures
• Performs complex service calls and interfaces with customer personnel to provide quality service and feedback on problem evaluation and resolution
• Capable of developing detailed outage plans
• Capable of executing and supervision of outages at Gas Compression sites
• Performs assessment of equipment condition and applies repair or improvement measures based on Siemens standards
• Catalogue of corrective measures
• Participates in responding to semi-complex service calls

What do I need to qualify for this job?

• At least 5 years experience in Field Service of Control Systems on Gas compression
• Willingness to travel
• Experience in multicultural teams required

Organization: Gas and Power
Company: Siemens Energy LLC
Experience Level: Experienced Professional
Job Type: Full-time


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