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Vacancy: Quality Champion- food safety, Dubai,UAE

Vacancy: Quality Champion- food safety, Dubai,UAE
House of Pops
Dubai, UAE
Posted on: Sep.08.2021
Ref: SP359-02

About the Role:

The QA/QC CHAMPION is responsible for our frozen goods quality assurance, sanitation, and our employees' safety in the facilities. This leader ensures that the facilities follow premier food safety procedures and stringent HACCP standards and specifications, and relevant food safety legislation. The Champion will also be responsible for implementing and improving programs to enhance the customer’s perfect order.


• Be the quality champion and safety expert for all House of Pops products, including fresh/raw produce handled within the company’s manufacturing premises.
• Implement quality assurance programs that effectively monitor product manufacturing in compliance with GMP’s, SOP’s, and HACCP
• Ensure that a HACCP-based food safety approach is followed. Maintain the system up to date, and reviewed as frequently as necessary to guarantee it remains relevant.
• Perform analytical tests, inspections, and monitoring of incoming raw materials/packaging and finished goods for specification compliance
• Assist with supply chain inspection, approval, and audit programs
• Implement and manage Random Microbiological testing on equipment and product
• Maintain a “floor presence” as an auditor of quality throughout the processing facility
• Ensure maintenance and sanitation of the facility is in compliance with food safety requirements
• Make decisions concerning product quality, including shutting down line when processes do not conform to specifications
• Managing and Issuing of Stocks to the Production Department.
• Receiving and Dispatching of Raw and Finish Products, maintaining all related documents.
• Along with the Factory manager, improve the customer experience by implementing quality control measures
• Lead the effort and implement a process to increase the Perfect Order Rate (POR)


AED 5,000 to 7,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.

Skills and Qualifications:

• BSc. / MSc. in Food Science, Microbiology, or related field
• Minimum 3 years experience in the food industry
• Experience working in a chilled food-handling and fresh/raw produce environment
• Fluency in English
• Computer skills
• Ability to walk, bend, squat, climb, reach, and kneel
• Ability to lift/push/pull up to 30 Kgs
• Able to work in cold temperatures, in a refrigerated environment

About You:

• Excel under pressure, with the ability to make calm, rational decisions on a multitude of issues within short spaces of time
• Lead by example and always encourages others to be the best they can be
• Enthusiastic about your work and self-motivated to get the job done
• Inventive and when you don’t know the answer; you make it your mission to find out
• Highly organized and have strong attention to detail

About the Company

We believe that Natural Happiness is the source of health & wellness. We are on a journey to spread it, one pop at a time!
In 2018, we launched House of Pops, offering 100% natural, clean label, vegan pops.
Made from real fruits with no refined sugar, our pops are high in fiber and free from allergens.
Just like you, we care about the environment and our packaging is all plastic free!


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