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Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Project Manager, Veldhoven, Netherlands

Vacancy: Continuous Improvement Project Manager, Veldhoven, Netherlands
Posted on: Sep.13.2021


Are you an experienced project manager, with proven expertise in stakeholder management and change management? Do you enjoy the challenge of defining and driving high impact projects and to work cross-sector and cross-business line in a non-PGP environment? Do you have a process improvement mindset? Would you know how to find your way in the ASML organization?
If so, then we can offer you an attractive position as Project Manager in the Cross-Sectoral Structural Improvement department (CSI)

Job Mission

Drive non-PGP projects within the Development & Engineering (D&E) portfolio toward success!

Job Description

As a Project manager in CSI you will be a key player to drive continuous improvement in D&E, to improve the quality of our machines and of our development processes. Your role is to lead a cross-sector, multidisciplinary team towards these structural improvements. You and your team take responsibility for defining and implementing the needed improvements across sectors and across business lines, and ensure that solutions are truly embedded and steered upon. On top of your technical capabilities, your success will strongly depend on your interpersonal skills and your ability to communicate across disciplines and management levels.

As Continuous Improvement Project Manager you are responsible to:

• Establish a cross-sector project team and secure cross-sector deliverables, aligned with all stakeholders.
• Coordinate all actions to prevent re-occurrence of same failure modes with cross-sector project management.
• Ensure preventive actions are implemented and embedded structurally on process and organizational level.
• Create clear business case/deliverables aligned with all stakeholders.
• Keep track of progress/status and report transparently.
• Report/present project results and progress in a transparent way.
• Contribute to the D&E non-PGP portfolio.
• Identify high impact themes and new project opportunities.
• Interface with other projects and initiatives to guard the interfaces.
• Communicate and manage stakeholders, by presenting technical details in a comprehendible way to team and stakeholders.


Masters degree


• Good track record with >10 years of experience in project management with focus on process improvements, within a large complex organization
• Experience with project management methodology
• Knowledge of Agile/SAFe is preferred

Personal skills

• You can independently scope, plan, manage, execute and control your project. Drive this project to success and deliver tangible results.
• You are a change manager
• You effectively interface, interact and communicate with design projects, operational sectors, and other stakeholders
• You are a problem solver with a pro-active and persistent attitude, hands-on “can do” mentality.
• You are an entrepreneur to identify related improvement opportunities to improve ASML’s business.
• You have a cross sectoral focus, creates links and involve others (departments, stakeholders);
• You are a team player, inspire/motivate teams and individuals to engage in the organizational changes and be to persistent;
• You are influencing without formal authority, sense for tactical and political relations on both strategic and operational level;
• You are trustworthy and acts with integrity;
• You are creative and proactive

Context of the position

Our CSI mission: To improve business performance by connecting people, data, process and technology.
Our approach:
• We lead cross-sector projects with impact on availability, cycle time, costs and customer satisfaction by preventing and correcting known product and process failures, cross-platform and cross-part.
• We ensure an embedded structural improvement environment fact based on data and information from supply chain, manufacturing and field towards multiple D&E users and other relevant sectors.
• The holder of this position reports to the CSI Project Management group manager and applicable CSI program manager.


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