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Vacancy: Quality and Food Safety Specialist, Quebec, Canada

Vacancy: Quality and Food Safety Specialist, Quebec, Canada
Posted on: Sep.18.2021

LES Minoteries ADM is looking for a Quality and Food Safety Specialist with initiative, flexibility, a positive attitude and the desire to learn in order to join our team located on Notre-Dame Street in Montreal. This person must also be organized, autonomous, and dynamic. The successful candidate will be responsible for identifying and communicating opportunities related to food quality and/or safety to quality managers and the local team. The successful candidate will ensure the efficient and safe operation of the quality laboratory, including personnel management. This role is vital to ensure compliance with regulatory, corporate, client and third-party audit requirements.

In addition, this position will be directly involved in the development, implementation and improvements of the quality management system.

The Quality and Food Safety Specialist is expected to actively participate in continuous improvement with the aim of meeting or exceeding customer and market expectations. This position is full-time and reports directly to the Quality and Food Safety Manager.

Required Skills:

• Must be highly motivated with an ability to work independently, under minimal supervision, while having a good team spirit.
• Must have excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate effectively and clearly in writing and orally in both French and English.
• Must have at least a college diploma in food chemistry or a related field.
• Must be predisposed to multitasking and know how to prioritize and set goals.
• Must demonstrate familiarity with spreadsheets and data management.


• Supervisory experience
• Experience in the flour milling industry.
• Experience in managing quality systems, HACCP, GMP and BRC standard.
• Laboratory experience.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Prioritize safety in all activities.
• Monitor the process and practices of the staff on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the regulations and standards in force.
• Identify and continuously monitor potential sources of contamination for the entire process. Participate in investigations when contaminated by foreign materials.
• Assess the risk at the quality level in order to determine the disposition of the finished product when necessary:
• Control and disposal of non-compliant products: return, rejection, re-work of the product
• Participate in the development, implementation and validation of HACCP & FSMA food safety plans, associated prerequisite programs and operational procedures for each of the facility's process flows.
• Maintain the facility in a state that is "always ready for audits". Ensure the necessary preparation for customer and third-party audits.
• Be the leader in internal audits related to food quality/safety, including GMP inspections and program audits.
• Produce internal audits. Inform quality managers and the local team of non-conformities and participate in the implementation of preventive and corrective actions.
• Track data and trends to prevent new trends from developing. To support the local team in the development and implementation of preventive and corrective measures.

• Develop and implement training programs to train employees to carry out the necessary checks and to appropriately complete records related to HACCP, SOPs and other functions.
• Maintain the microbiological control program, including the execution of swab activities, the trend of results, and the implementation and monitoring of corrective actions.
• Ensure the proper functioning of the positive release program: verification of results and compliance of documentation.
• Quality assuranceresponsibilities:
• Ensure the quality of the raw materials received.
• Ensure preventive maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments.
• Ensure the proper functioning and integrity of the product's protective equipment, including magnets and sieves.
• Promote quality culture at the factory.
• Any other tasks assigned.


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