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Vacancy: HSE Coordinator, Calgary, AB, Canada

Vacancy: HSE Coordinator, Calgary, AB, Canada
Posted on: Sep.20.2021

Dynamysk is looking for an HSE Coordinator to work on a green field petrochemical facility in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Primary responsibilities will be inspecting the work area prior to the start of field activities to ensure that site conditions are acceptable, and the work area is fully accessible for commissioning. This position’s main focus will be on Safety compliance.

Primary Responsibilities

• To ensure Health, Safety, Environment, Industrial Hygiene, and Waste Management Plan.
• Participating in Safety Orientation courses and training sessions.
• Participating in Safety Committee and designated meetings.
• Conducting the necessary and appropriate safety training and education, including regular Tool Box meetings and keeping records updated.
• Supervising all personnel assigned to site to ensure that they abide by the Safety Program.
• Conducting regular and periodical site inspections.
• Ensure safe and certified condition of equipment.
• Proper wearing of personal protection equipment at site.
• Compliance with project Responsible Care Plan.
• Reporting the results of site inspections and the remedial actions and measures taken.
• Reporting regular safety performances, including contractor’s own manpower.
• Ability to focus on safety and quality, pay strong attention to detail, and ensure client satisfaction.
• Work shift will be 5 days on/2 days off, based on 48 hours per week.
• Duration: Temporary: 4 to 6 months starting immediately


In order to be considered for this position, candidates must have the following:
• 5+ years of post-certification experience in Oil/Gas/Petrochemical.
• Strong Safety knowledge and experience working on various plant sites.
• National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation.
• NCSO plus other post-secondary education will be considered.
• HSE Safety Certification.
• Standard First Aid Certification.
• TapRoot Cause Analysis Training is considered an asset.
• Valid Driver's License.
• Site Safety Tickets will be required.
• Preferred candidates will live in the greater Edmonton area.


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