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Vacancy: Senior Operational Excellence Project Lead, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vacancy: Senior Operational Excellence Project Lead, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted on: Sep.20.2021

As Senior Operational Excellence Project Lead, you will be responsible for driving process improvements in our Partner Services organization, one of’s largest departments. Partner Services is responsible for the relationships with our 2.000.000+ partners and covers 198 offices worldwide.

In your role you will establish new and innovative ways of working through small and large changes on both the process and technical side. You are expected to work intensively with our central teams and our regional Partner Services teams.

Our team goals are:

• Improve our go-to-market channel efficiency and effectiveness
• Improve our partner satisfaction and experience
• Positively contribute to our commercial success

As a Senior Operational Excellence Project Lead you will lead process improvement initiatives which deliver concrete results like higher partner satisfaction, more efficiency and lower commercial costs.

In this job you will:

• Analyze process performance and research the need to identify improvement areas
• Select improvement areas where the biggest impact can be made
• Initiate and drive process & technical changes in a diverse stakeholder field with Operations, Product and Analytics
• Drive process improvement utilizing a pragmatic approach that combines tools like lean six sigma, design thinking, etc.
• Assure and safeguard the improvement on the long-term by installing the appropriate control measures
• Professionalize the team by contributing to the development of a standard way of working in process management and process improvement
• Serve as liaison between various PS support functions and operational leaders, translate requirements, process recommendations and strategies
• Work independently with the local offices & host process innovation workshops


• Demonstrated track record of defining and executing process improvement initiatives leading them from start to finish
• You are an expert in Lean Six Sigma (at least certified at a green belt level)
• Experience in managing large international projects within a diverse stakeholder field
• Visionary, focused on business impact and actionable recommendations
• Very high problem solving and structuring skills, with the ability to simplify complex areas
• Proactive and positive attitude
• Good communicator (on several levels) and ability to work with, influence and align with multiple stakeholders.
• Flexible and capable to find the right balance between structured problem analysis and project management and agility to deal with fast-pacing change environment


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