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Vacancy: Quality Control Supervisor, Granby, QC, Canada

Vacancy: Quality Control Supervisor, Granby, QC, Canada
Posted on: Sep.22.2021

About Us

Agropur Cooperative, founded in 1938, is a North American dairy industry leader with sales of $7.7 billion in 2020. The Cooperative is a movement that embraces 15,000 families in Canada, the US and around the world. Our members and employees work together towards a shared goal: “Better dairy. Better world.” Agropur is a leading supplier of products for the industrial, retail and foodservice sectors, and also boasts an impressive roster of respected consumer brands and products.

Working at Agropur means being a member of an extended family where simplicity and honesty are part of everyday life, and where the management style is based on integrity, openness and autonomy. You too can join the Agropur family!

• Applies the various Quality Assurance Programs (GFSI, SQF, HACCP, etc.) to the Quality Control department;
• Monitors and enforces good laboratory practices while supervising a full and part-time technical staff in a lab that operates 7 days per week;
• Audits and reviews all lab results, ensuring products meet specifications; trends lab data results and communicates same to quality, production, and facility management;
• Audits and reviews all Quality Control programs and procedures on an annual basis;
• Updates the various literature (manuals, procedures, instructions, etc.);
• Provides QC Lab Technician employees training and development support so employees can master and apply the programs;
• Takes part in various audits;
• Lends support to the appropriate departments to resolve non-compliance issues;
• Sits on process improvement and plant project taskforces when required;
• Manage training records of Quality employees;
• Assists the Quality Control Manager and serves as their replacement when required;
• Makes sure department’s occupational health and safety rules and procedures are being applied;
• Takes part in the implementation of new technologies, new facilities/equipment, and new products;
• Helps to maintain the requirements for food quality, safety, and defense;
• Performs any other tasks deemed necessary.


• College diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Food technology or another relevant field;
• 3 to 5 years’ experience in the food industry, in quality control or production;
• Knowledge of GFSI, SQF, HACCP, GMP programs, Best Manufacturing Practices, and dairy laws and regulations;
• Strong interpersonal, communication, leadership skills and the ability to work in a team;
Sound command of standard computer programs (Word, Excel, etc.);
• Excellent command of French, English is an asset


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