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Vacancy: Senior Project Control Engineer, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Vacancy: Senior Project Control Engineer, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Posted on: Sep.27.2021

Rejlers International Engineering Solutions AB operates in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and delivers high-quality engineering and project services to Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, and Chemical Industries mainly in UAE and other Arabian Gulf Countries. This year the Company has been operating in UAE for 10 years and its parent company has been in business for almost 80 years. We share a strong Nordic Engineering heritage of high-quality and frontline innovations.

We are now looking for Senior Project Control Engineer to be part in our Project Management and Control organization in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Reports To

The Head of Project Management

Job Overview

Ensures effective and profitable project control in all project areas according to company’s quality standards.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Perform Project Control tasks including project planning, scheduling on Primavera (Release 15.1)/MS Project/EDDR (Engineering Documents Deliverables Register), risk analysis of project schedules on Primavera Risk Analysis (version 8.7), progress reporting, tasks related to EOT (Extension of Time) claim, cost reporting, cost estimation including cost estimate plan and basis, calculate contingency related to cost estimate by using Monte Carlo based @RISK® Analysis Simulation, project status reporting and all tasks related to back up documentation required for invoicing according to Company's requirements.
• Assist in building project control team in Abu Dhabi and be a part of the Company’s global Project Control discipline. These activities includes tasks but not limited to; organizing trainings related to project controls function, sharing ideas for improvements and willingness to accept challenging assignments.
• Prepare/check project control documents, work instructions, procedures and plans.

• Participate in tasks related to bid preparation, execution planning, man-hours and cost estimates, and participate in sales activities (e.g. providing support to sales for bid preparation) on request.
• Analyze engineering documents and prepare CAPEX and OPEX estimates.
• Analyze the feasibility of investment proposals by building NPV and IRR models.
• Performing active follow-up with all relevant stakeholders (internal/external) in order to get needed information as well as to complete all project control tasks.
• Cooperate with other engineering disciplines, customers and subcontractors locally or overseas


Bachelor Degree with minimum of 5+ years relevant experience in Project Control of Engineering functions (mainly) and Procurement / Construction (in general) and in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries
Must have work experience in UAE
Working experience with reputed engineering consultants and major turnarounds is an advantage
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Fluent in English language
Shares the company values of team work, transparency, honesty and equality
Any locally or internationally recognized professional certifications and affiliations are considered as a plus
Meets with UAE visa requirements

Our work is guided by our vision: Home of the learning minds. We believe in continuous learning and development. We want to succeed both as individuals and as a company through a common goal: success through continuous learning.

Do you want to join us?

Please apply at once as we proceed with suitable candidates as soon as possible. Submit your application, CV, and salary expectation latest by 15th October 2021.


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