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Vacancy: QC and SHEQ Supervisor, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Vacancy: QC and SHEQ Supervisor, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Functional area: Quality
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Jubail
Company name: Atlas Industrial Equipment Co
Date of posting: Sep 28, 2021

General Objective

The QC Engineer is responsible for the quality control of produced equipment at local sub-contractors. This includes the customized, engineered product. To ensure good engineering practice is always maintained inside the team in line with the quality control and assurance requirements of the company work in line with any internal or external specifications applicable to the work being inspected.

The SHEQ Engineer is responsible for formulating, organizing and implementation of the SHEQ policy in line with the Quality Assurance, Environmental Control and Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System (IMS) used in Business Area Compressor Technique of Atlas Copco.
Supervising the implementation process and monitoring compliance with the policy. Coordinating and managing improvement projects.

Place in the Organization

The QC and SHEQ supervisor supports all the company departments with reference to quality, health, environment, and safety. They report directly to the SHEQ manager and his/her tasks are set on a regular basis by the quality assurance manager.

What you can expect from us?

You will join a vibrant multicultural team, where the oppotunities to learn, develop and grow are endless.

What we expect of you?

The tasks and responsibilities of the QC engineer are many and varied as listed but are not limited to the following points.

a. Through the conducting of product audits and inspections ensure
i. Incoming goods are checked to be in line quality control requirements.
ii. Quality defects are tracked and traced when identified and recorded for both sub-supplied product and finished equipment
iii. Execute and / or witness all required test and inspections in line with technical requirements specified in the technical design dossier and inspection and test plan.
iv. Prepare inspection reports, punch lists and other supporting documentation during inspection visits.
v. When all test and inspections have been executed satisfactorily the QC Engineer issues an inspection release note after which packing, and transport preparation may begin.
vi. Attendance of quality inspection meetings where it is required to give official assistance (ASME, IEC, ATEX ,CSA-UL, Welding requirements, Painting)
vii. The review and maintain the inspection and test plans for applicable projects
viii. Interim internal audit inspections are carried out in line with procedures on standard product
b. Along with Purchase team attended sub-supplier audits to ensure.
i. Supply chain is in line with Quality control requirements for the company and for the specific project requirements if applicable.
ii. Suppliers meet all requirements in regard to the quality processes and procedures applicable to their produced equipment.
iii. Health and safety check on sub-suppliers
iv. Write and issues audit reports on sub-supplier visits.
c. Expedite sub-vendors, as required during quality visits.
d. Deal with all claims and returns.
e. General administration tasks as required for the department.
f. Attendance of meetings in line with the order management process where QC support is required.
g. Key Performance Parameters are.
i. Client satisfaction.
ii. High quality and reliability.
iii. Good quality and timely execution of inspections.
iv. High level of interaction, coordination, and communication with all parties.

The tasks and responsibilities of the SHEQ supervisor are many and varied as listed but are not limited to the following points

Ensure that the processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented, and maintained.
b. Reporting to management on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement.
c. Tracking internal and external developments in relation to health and safety, quality, and environment, and quantifying the consequences of such for the organization.
d. Ensuring the implementation and assimilation of policy plans and procedures within the organization by advising and briefing the line managers; * Setting up and managing the quality and environment management system.
e. Making sure the organization obtains and maintains certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001) in relation to quality and environment.
f. Initiating, coordinating, and implementing (improvement) projects in the field of quality (efficiency) and environment.
g. Ensuring compliance with statutory regulations and company rules and procedures in relation to health and safety and the environment and taking corrective action where necessary.
h. Energy Management Function assess compliance with relevant legal requirements reference energy and monitors changes in legislation. Reports to management team with actions and plan for continuous improvement on energy.
i. The SHEQ supervisor is the appointed Management Representative (MR) with responsibilities and authorities listed in the ISO standards, i.e. (in brief):
i. IMS Process Maintenance.
The MR ensures that the IMS processes are established, implemented and maintained through organizing, scheduling, reviewing and conducting internal audits, discussion with process owners or review of the processes.
ii. Reporting on IMS Performance.
iii. Promote Customer Requirements.

j. PASS tasks and responsibilities in line with IMS.
i. The task of the Preventive Advisor of the site is to advise the employer and employees on subjects with potential impact on occupational health and safety. This includes the operations internal and external to the site, done under the responsibility of the site.
ii. Typical examples (non-exhaustive) of their tasks are:
1. The advice in and organization of a participative (all interested parties involved) risk inventory and evaluation, including light, noise, weather conditions that might influence operations: this risk assessment also links job execution and health programs (as required by local legislation).
2. Surveillance of the application of the legislation on the safety and health issues (he can always use third parties to help him).
3. Preparation of the safety and health inputs to the management review.
a. Take the lead in accidents and incidents investigations (dependent on the local legal requirements).
b. Re-assessment of the risks (e.g., after an accident occurred).
c. Advise how to maintain the safety and health management system.
iii. Conducts regular safety and process audits.

Internal relations

General manager, SHEQ manager, engineering manager, project managers, project engineers, application engineers, sales engineers, team leader design, mechanical engineers, electrical design engineers, documentation controller, purchaser, production manager, document control support, goods inwards engineer & foreman

External relations

Suppliers, vendors, external inspectors, and other customer representatives.

Competence Profile

a. Knowledge
University level, bachelor’s in engineering. In relevant technical faculty, relevant safety training for management.

b. Experience
Min. 4 years of working experience in Quality Control, and min two years of experience in SHEQ

c. Skills
i. Accurate.
ii. Cost and quality consciousness.
iii. Fluent in English, Arabic, and other languages are a bonus.

d. Special skills
i. Multi discipline Experience in an international engineering environment with customers in oil & gas, petrochemical, gas separation markets.
ii. Familiar with MS Project, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
iii. Knowledge of IMS, general Quality (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001), ASME, CSA-UL and other international standards.
iv. NACE coating level 1 – IWT (International Welding Technologist), would be an advantage.

Personality Requirements

a. Self-starter and motivator, pro-active.
b. Dynamic personality with hands-on approach.
c. Good communication and motivating skills.
d. Engaged team player that maintains focus on customer interests.
e. Positive attitude.
f. Professionalism – reacts well under pressure, follows through on commitments. Focus on meeting deadlines.
g. Adaptability – adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands.
h. Result driven – prioritizes and plans work activities, use time efficiently, sets goals and objectives.
i. Ethics – treats people with respect, keeps commitments, upholds organizational values.
Ability to travel, occasionally.

Start a journey of endless opportunities

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