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Vacancy: Quality Control Analyst, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Vacancy: Quality Control Analyst, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Posted on: Oct.04.2021


Imagine… an exciting role where you contribute to the continued enhancement of CDD quality of the bank and by doing so support the Wholesale business line in the execution of their CDD processes. As a Quality Control Analyst you are involved in creating and maintaining the global quality assurance framework and develop and maintain all elements necessary to improve the quality of the Bank’s adherence to the CDD requirements. You will be part of the Quality Control team for the Wholesale domain in the Utrecht Hub and work closely with the Analyst Teams, KYC Front-Office Support and Advisory.

Making a difference by:

• Quality Control of all KYC related files (EDR, PR, TEA On boarding, Off boarding) according to the applicable policies, procedures and standards;
• Gaining insight into the quality of Wholesale CDD files;
• Training, mobilizing and improving our Wholesale domain as BAU feedback loop;
• Coaching analysts based on provided feedback and provide additional explanations in case needed;
• Identifying weaknesses in files and processes and report them back to management and/or Advisory team;
• Writing quality control reports;
• Create insights and overview in changes in regulation landscape;
• Gather and deliver input for training, procedures and tooling in order to further improve;
• Checking Client Committee Memo before handing in the memo to Client Committee;


KYC is Know Your Customer; knowing your client and have a very sharp overview of the client’s activities within our financial systems. This allows us to rapidly identify where a client’s activities are not followed by the rules, for example when it shows unclear corporate structures, money laundering transactions, or trade with sanctioned countries. Working together is at the heart of everything we do. Reaching the ambition of an effective CDD organisation can only be done when all functions within the bank execute their role. Within our chain we are continuously working on improving the KYC Wholesale NL department. Your team is part of the KYC Wholesale NL department, the driver behind the quality within the KYC-domain. All employees and managers provide their own value to the end result. The culture is open, where the bar is set high, however people are put in the middle point. There is a safe environment, where you are encouraged to address each other on quality and behaviour.

With you

Customer focus, collaborative, results orientated and building bridges across the Wholesale domain are clearly essential for the role of Quality Control Analyst. Being at the front line of quality assessment within Rabobank you take responsibility, facilitate and inspire adherence to Rabobank’s quality ambitions. You communicate results clearly and effectively, while seeking opportunities to improve CDD across the organisation in a sustainable way.

In addition, it's important that you recognise everything in the checklist below:

• Academic level of thinking and working with a minimum of two years of experience in KYC/CDD Wholesale domain
• Solid understanding of Rabobank’s CDD Policies and it’s working in daily practice
• Good knowledge of the KYC/CDD requirements within the Wholesale CDD domain.
• Able to extract quality requirements from CDD Policies, and apply then when reviewing CDD files
• In depth knowledge of relevant laws and regulations for financial sector
• Stakeholder management, able to engage effectively with all levels, including senior management
• Proficiency in office software, including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English.
• High level of execution power and you get energy from bringing the department and other people forward.
• Commercial experience and knowledge within Wholesale domain and proven experience working across regions, domains and business lines is a plus.

Growing a better world together

You are already aware that Rabobank is a financial services provider for millions of customers in 40 countries. But did you know that we aim to contribute to real change with our “Growing a better world together” mission? We do so in countless ways, such as:
• A third of all the food we purchase is thrown away. Together with Nature & Environment, we’re working to increase awareness among consumers of how to reduce food waste.
• As part of a project with Humanitas, we are helping people who are experiencing financial difficulties to get their household finances in order.
• Together with Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland (the Dutch Council for Refugees), we are helping 1,500 refugees find a suitable job.


Do you want to become the ideal version of yourself? We would love to help you achieve this by focusing firmly on your growth, development, and investing in an environment where you keep learning every day. We give you the space to innovate and initiate. In this way, we offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right thing exceptionally well, and to therefore grow as a professional. In addition, with us (on the basis of a 36-hour working week), you can also expect:

We offer you:

• A gross monthly salary between € 3.259,61 and € 4655,07,- (depending on your experience, expertise, and seniority)
• A thirteenth month and holiday pay
• An Employee Benefit Budget. You decide how to spend this budget. This may include purchasing extra leave days, making extra pension contributions or even receiving a monthly cash pay-out
• A personal budget that you can spend on activities related to your personal development and career
• Compensation for your commute if you travel by public transport or car.
• Personal contributions to a pension scheme of only 3,5%.


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