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Vacancy: Head Chef | The Local | Surfers, Gold Coast, Australia

Vacancy: Head Chef | The Local | Surfers, Gold Coast, Australia

Posted on: Oct.04.2021
Job no: 505376
Work type: Full time
Location: Gold Coast
Categories: Kitchen

Are you hungry for your next challenge?

The Australian Venue Co. family are looking for an enthusiastic, customer focused Head Chef to join our passionate team and work at our newly renovated venue, The Local Tavern.

Situated in a prime location, The Local is a Surfers Paradise pub that epitomises everything a ‘local’ should be; icy cold beers, delicious pub meals, the best live sports from around the globe and a warm and friendly atmosphere day and night.

So, why choose us?

Australian Venue Co. are a growing business who are looking for dynamic team players to help us keep up with the pace. With no signs of slowing down, our continued growth provides you with boundless career development potential. Every venue we open offers world-class hospitality opportunities- and we need people like you on the ground to continue to build on that success!

What we need

• A career professional with experience in staff management and maintaining food standards
• A leader that can lead, train and motivate a kitchen team
• Has a passion for the industry and are committed to a successful career in hospitality
• Projects a friendly, enthusiastic and positive attitude at all times
• Enjoys working with others in a team environment
• Possess a creative flair and has superb presentation skills

What you will bring to the table

• At least 4+ years of experience as a Chef
• A high level of business acumen and financial controls in kitchens
• Experience in recipe costings and understanding of kitchen financials
• Dynamic, energetic and innovative thinking
• Control stock, order, and checking of deliveries
• Provide exceptional quality meals in a fast paced environment
• Strong compliance focus
• A commitment to achieving outstanding sales results
• Exceptional customer service standards
• Ability to engage with the local community
• Excellent communication skills
• Experience in high volume kitchens
• Strong problem-solving skills

What you will be served in return

The opportunity to start your Australian Venue Co career in one of our amazing venues. We are a dynamic company and we welcome and encourage innovative ideas. We offer a competitive salary and always reward hard work and success!


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